Teaching Thomas

Even though the last time I worked with Thomas was back in 2012, I have decided to keep “Teaching Thomas” as one of the main sections of my blog because my experiences with Thomas have had a great impact on me and still remain an important part of who I am as a teacher.

When I was graduate student working on my M.A. TESOL degree, I had worked with a bright young boy named Thomas (a pseudonym). At the time, he was a first grader at a private Christian elementary school in San Francisco. He is Chinese American and lives in a Cantonese speaking household. I was asked by his mother to work with him on reading, spelling, and writing because she was afraid that as child growing up in a language minority household, Thomas would not be able to pick up English at the same pace as his peers. Even though the coursework for my M.A. TESOL program didn’t involve preparing me to teach young children, I have come to learn so much about teaching English phonics and reading, establishing relationships with a younger student, and generating motivation to learn.

Click here for all the posts I have written that record my experiences with Thomas.


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