Learning Intermediate Taiwanese Sign Language – Week 3: Health Related to the Eyes and Teeth

Okay, now we’re really getting into field-specific vocabulary. It’s interesting to me how some words, such as “葉黃素” seem to be common Chinese words in the everyday vocabulary of a Taiwanese person, and yet I think most Americans have not heard of it’s English translation, which is “lutein”.

(Original Taiwanese Sign Language textbook content is in Chinese. All of the English used below are my rough translations.)

Chapter 3 (第三單元): Health Related to the Eyes and Teeth 眼睛與牙齒的保健

  • 老花 – prebyopia (def: a condition associated with aging in which the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects.)

  • 光線 – light, lighting

  • 治療 – to treat an illness, medical treatment

  • 作息 – daily schedule/routine

  • 墨鏡 – sunglasses

  • 疾病 – disease, illness

  • 感染 – to infect, to influence

  • 過敏 – to be allergic

  • 適應 – to adapt to, to get used to

  • 排斥 – to reject

  • 評估 – to evaluate, to assess

  • 牙齦 – gums

  • 考慮 – to think over, to consider

  • 植牙 – dental implants

  • 追蹤 – to pursue

  • 蛀牙 – cavity, tooth decay

  • 咀嚼 – to chew

  • 白內障 – cataract

  • 水晶體 – the lens (of the anatomy of the eye)

  • 葉黃素 – lutein

  • 先天遺傳 – hereditary

  • 醫療糾紛 – medical dispute

  • 美觀自然 – natural beauty


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