Learning Intermediate Taiwanese Sign Language – Week 2: Interpersonal Communication

Things are only getting harder in my Intermediate Taiwanese Sign Language (TSL) class. Well, more specifically, the Chinese.  and their Mandarin Chinese equivalents of the types of TSL words and phrases we’re learning are going way beyond the Mandarin vocabulary I usually use. This is great in that I’m learning Mandarin Chinese and TSL at the same time, but it’s also more difficult because I often find myself confused in class. Even with an English-Chinese dictionary app on my smartphone and the patience of some of my classmates, I still can’t keep up with the pace. This also means that I’ve been needing to spend more out of class time reviewing the new vocabulary words, as most of them aren’t part of my existing Mandarin Chinese vocabulary.

(Original Taiwanese Sign Language textbook content is in Chinese. All of the English used below are my rough translations.)

Chapter 2 (第二單元): Interpersonal Communication 人際溝通

  • 忘記 – to forget

  • 生氣 – to be angry

  • 相處 – to get along

  • 故意 – intentional, on purpose

  • 筆談 – conversation by writing notes (as a way of communicating with Deaf people)

  • 面試 – interview

  • 老闆 – boss, manager

  • 回答 – to reply

  • 機會 – a chance, an opportunity

  • 同事 – co-worker

  • 互相 – each other

  • 包容 – to show tolerance/patience

  • 職場 – workplace

  • 珍惜 – to treasure, to cherish

  • 反對 – to oppose, to go against

  • 交往 – to date

  • 穩定 – closest, recently

  • 說服 – to persuade

  • 信賴 – to trust, to have faith in

  • 世界 – world

  • 幸福 – happiness

  • 支持 – to support

  • 分享 – to share

  • 憂愁 – to be worried

  • 尊重 – to respect

  • 抉擇 – to choose

  • 尋找 – to look for

  • 方法 – a method, a way

  • 對不起 – “sorry”

  • 怎麼辦 – “what should I do?”

  • 可圈可點  – remarkable, outstanding


One thought on “Learning Intermediate Taiwanese Sign Language – Week 2: Interpersonal Communication

  1. Nice, you get to learn two languages for the price of one 🙂
    Have you actually ran into people signing in Taipei? I’ve frequently seen a group near NCKU in Tainan, they seem to meet weekly, and the Labor Park night market in Kaohsiung also has a food stall where the lady signs.


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