International Mother Language Day 2014 – 臺語 (Taiwanese)

wow, fascinating. I didn’t know they’ve created a system for writing Taiwanese. How awesome!

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I can speak Taiwanese, but I do not know how to write Taiwanese. This is my first time writing in Taiwanese. Writing in Taiwanese is important because words are the way we hand down language. If we lose our language, we will not be able to understand the words and stories of our elders. We must continue to write Taiwanese and read Taiwanese. Taiwanese is our language and we must use Taiwanese to write our own stories.

When I saw “Tweet in Your Mother Language on February 21”, I decided I would participate by writing a blog post. The first paragraph is in Taiwanese Min Nan, the second paragraph is the Taiwanese Mandarin translation, and the third paragraph is the English translation. There are many languages in Taiwan, and Taiwanese Min Nan is just one of them. Even though I have learned three languages in native…

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One thought on “International Mother Language Day 2014 – 臺語 (Taiwanese)

  1. In fact, they just “refound” the system for writing Taiwanese, like writing Cantonese. Because the Chinese we say nowadays is Mandarin. The Chinese characters we write were base on Mandarin. However, the Chinese characters not just be used in Mandarin, because it was new language to older Chinese ,such as Taiwanese, Hakka and Cantonese. So we should see other Chinese characters based on other older “Chinese”. And Taiwanese is a branch of “South-Min Chinese”. South-Min Chinese is considered as Medieval Chinese, even Elder Chinese. So the scholars research the ancient books, to “refound out” the writing system for “South-Min Chinese”, then research the ancient books in Taiwan. Until now, they could rebuild the whole Taiwanese writing system and grammars, that was used in this island.


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