What Do You Want Kids To Do With Technology?

from Bill Ferriter
from Bill Ferriter

This is such a great chart (from Bill Ferriter) because it’s so easy to get distracted with technology, particularly when I’m trying to incorporate it into my lessons for my students. The possibilities are endless.

“Oh oh oh, I want my students to write blogs… and then they can post it on the class’ Facebook group… and then they can make Youtube videos… and they can comment on each others’ videos… and then they can…”

As with any lesson or activity, it’s important that as instructors, we know what we want students to learn and how it fits in with our greater beliefs and approaches on teaching. Basically, we shouldn’t be incorporating technology for the sake of incorporating technology. It should be applied in the classroom in a meaningful way that fits well with the rest of the lesson and the overall approach to the class.

In planning for the coming semester, I’ve be poking at new ideas for teaching listening and speaking. My main goals for what I want students to get out of this class is get as much self-managed speaking/listening practice as possible, to practice speaking as communication, and to be able to create their own environment where they can continue to listen/speak in English after my class ends (since there is no immediate English-speaking environment in Taiwan).


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