Your Ultimate Guide For Internet Speak

I remember when I started to play a computer game called Diablo, I had to pick up on a lot of language that other players were using that I didn’t know. This kind of learning seems to never end as long as technology is updating itself…when instant messaging, texting, and now Twitter/Instagram came along, each of those added on to the shorthand, technological discourse used in cyber space. The interesting thing is much of that discourse meshes in with language used in real life – I find myself saying things like “I just LOLed” or my roommate used to say “What a NOOB” all the time. Our lives on the Internet mesh into our real, physical lives. Teachers complain about this when they notice the grammar in student writing resembling the grammar they use when they text or instant message each other. And lastly, I remember when I was teaching international students common English abbreviations they could use while taking notes in class (such as bt, T, ss, bc, etc), many of them raised their hand to give me informal abbreviations usually used in texting or instant messaging. Again, blurring the lines between everyday/academic and physical/technological.

Here is the link to the “Ultimate Guide”:

See how many you know!! I know there are definitely some on there that I’m like WTF…haha 🙂


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