The Chronicle: Why You Can’t Find a Full-Time Job, Part 1

I had hoped that in the future, I’d be able to get one of those glamorous full-time, tenure-track community college instructor positions. I think the reality of how difficult it is to achieve that full-time community college teaching position is something that I wish I had known earlier. Of the five factors this author mentions, the one that is most interesting and one that is new to me, that I know least about, is the last one, when he mentions:

But anyone who follows The Chronicle’s blogs (particularly posts dealing with adjunct instructors) is already painfully aware that some full-time faculty members regard hiring adjuncts (especially of the “home-grown” variety) as “settling.” Others fear that such a practice will lead over time to “academic inbreeding.” That might sound ridiculous, but all it takes is one person who feels that way to sabotage your candidacy.

Read the full aricle:


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