Visiting Old Teachers

hs graduation 06

Today, I was lucky enough to visit two of my high school English teachers – teachers who not only made English an interesting subject to learn but also inspired me to go into teaching myself. These are teachers who do so much more than the required minimum – they stay hours afterschool to help students, they are involved in coordinating extracurriculars that facilitate student growth, they genuinely care about student learning, and they are constantly learning/reflecting upon their teaching to adapt and become better teachers for the students.

These teachers are my role models. Just a few weeks ago, I thought about one of the teachers in reflecting on my own teaching, specifically dealing with disciplinary issues. I remember having a rebellious period in my high school years (I know, hard to believe huh?) and I still remember exactly how this teacher confronted me about it – genuine, direct, and human. It’s in these moments that have stuck with me and shaped who I am and what I believe in as a teacher. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Moreau!


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