In the past five months…

My last post was about five months ago. I’m hoping this Thanksgiving Break will get me back in gear in terms of writing on this blog again. Since the end of May, many new things have been happening in my teaching life. Here are some of the ones that I can think of on the top of my head:

    • Been teaching speaking/listening again for Fall semester.
      • New students = new refreshing experience and much to learn on my part, despite the nearly same curriculum.
    • Teaching a pronunciation class for the first time.
      • This has been such an exploratory experience for me. I’m learning so much about the subject itself and ways to teach pronunciation. I’m hoping to teach it again next semester!
    • Teaching an adult ESL class for Spanish speaking parents at an elementary school in the Mission District
      • I have never taught in this context before and boy, I felt like a completely new teacher the first day of this class. I’m so glad that the students/parents have warmed up to me and I have a steady attendance of engaged, dedicated students.
      • My Spanish is improving so much because of my interaction with the Spanish-speaking parents. In teaching this kind of level and context, using the L1 is inevitable and so helpful for understanding difficult definitions and concepts (such as grammar). I will probably dedicate another post for this later.
      • A quick victory dance: I got the students to do pairwork for the first time! Yay!!
    • Finishing up my capstone paper/presentation for my degree.
      • In May, I was still unsure about what topic I was writing about and a bit apprehensive that I would end up with a boring topic I had no interest in but felt obligated to write about.
      • But now, the topic I’ve chosen is fascinating and something I’m very proud to present as my final work for my Master’s degree.
      • I will write more about my capstone topic in another post.
    • I’ve come out to one of my classes. I’ve never done this before so I feel like this deserves a post of its own.
    • For next semester, I’m still going to take some classes at SFSU. I want to get a Certificate for Teaching Composition so that means taking two more classes. (I’ve taken two earlier classes for this Certificate a previous semester)
    • I’ve already submitted my request for classes to teach next semester.
      • Some possible new classes I want to teach: grammar, American Short Stories, or TOEFL. Very excited!
    • I’m getting my professional portfolio ready.
      • My plan is to find a teaching job in Los Angeles for Fall 2013 so that I can move back home with my family. I’m not sure how this plan will go but I’m starting early and keeping my fingers crossed.

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