Takeaways from the CATESOL 2012 Convention

  • Using TED Talks to help students with Listening and Speaking
    • Turning volume of a video off to focus on presentation skills such as eye contact, gestures, body language.
    • Posting a video on Facebook for students to watch; have students post their own 2 minute response to videos on Facebook
    • Letting students choose and watch videos they’re interested in and briefly report a summary to the class the next day for extra credit.
  • Asset-Based Training
    • Activities that focus on asset-based words, or positive words that focus on a student’s assets rather than deficits.
    • As the teacher, using positive language, such as “Try saying that in English” rather than “Don’t speak in your L1”
    • Activities such as ABCs, 5:1, Shift, and Visual Literacy
  • Great Get-To-Know-You Activities
    • TRIOS, My First Car, etc
    • Applying some of the activities to community building using L1


  • Community building int he ESL classroom using the student’s L1 and L1 identity
    • 3-2-1 plan? 3 CB activities the first week, 2 CB the second week, 1 CB the third week.
    • Different types of activities: warm-up/icebreakers, extra credit, Facebook posts
    • How do I measure if community building is successful?
  • In building a community within the classroom, how much does the teacher include his/herself in the community he./she is trying to.
  • What factors come into play when a teacher decides how much he/she reveals him/herself to the students, or in other words, how much he/she becomes a part of the community in community building activities.

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