“Found in Translation” – SFSU’s Xpress Magazine

SFSU’s Xpress Magazine published an article featuring Project SHINE, the volunteer, service learning program that pairs SFSU graduate and undergraduate students with immigrant, English learners taking City College of San Francisco ESL classes. Project SHINE has a special place in my heart because while my first two semesters taking graduate classes in SFSU’s MA TESOL program seemed heavy on theory and made me feel disconnected with what I had actually wanted to do, which is teach, volunteering in an actual ESL classroom with Project SHINE helped remind me of all the reasons why I chose to pursue this field. I got to work with older, immigrant students that reminded me of my parents, who also came to America as immigrants and took ESL classes at the local community college. I got to meet actual ESL professionals with years of experience teaching various levels and types of ESL classes. I’m grateful to have had the chance to participate in Project SHINE and happy to see that SFSU is shining some light onto it’s work in the academic and larger, city-wide community.

You can read the article here: “Found in Translation” – SFSU’s Xpress Magazine


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