“Learning lessons from a father’s pride in his son”

Here’s an LA Times article written about my high school AP U.S. History and AP Economics teacher, who has just won the Jaime Escalante Advanced Placement Award. As a new teacher, it’s really nice to see teachers get recognized for the impact they have on students and the larger community. I really like this excerpt:

There’s no one teaching approach that works, Patrick Gordon said. There’s a notion that “if we all just had the right lessons and we all just taught the same way, what would come out at the end is a Model T Ford, and it’s not a production process in that way.” What works at Gahr, he said, is continuity. The teachers in his department know all the students, they meet regularly to strategize on how to get the most out of each one, and they visit one another’s classes to learn from one another’s strengths.

Here’s a link to the article: “Learning lessons from a father’s pride in his son”


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