Teaching Thomas: In Light of the Recent News on Prop 8

In light of the recent news on Proposition 8 ruled as unconstitutional, something also recently came up while I was reading a picture book with Thomas called Mouse Soup. At the end of the story, a female mouse gives flowers and kisses a male mouse. Upon reading this and seeing an illustration of it, Thomas scrunches up his face in disgust.

“Ew, that’s gross!” he says.

“Why? What’s gross?” I ask.

“They’re kissing!”

“Why is that gross?”

“Because it’s a girl kissing a guy,” Thomas responds.

“Well, what if it’s a guy kissing a guy? Is that okay?”

Thomas thinks for a minute, then nods his head. “Yeah, thats okay.”

“Oh. How about a girl kissing a girl? Is that okay?”

Again, he nods his head. “Yeah, that’s okay.”

“Oh. So it’s not okay when it’s a girl and a guy. Cuz that’s gross?”


Clearly, either young children are following our generation’s lead in challenging heteronormativity or Thomas and his friends have simply not been vaccinated from cooties yet.


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