My American Sign Language Presentation

Presentation for my American Sign Language class. I chose to tell a short little story about what I’ve learned from my grandfather. I call it: “Patience and Milk”.

Here’s the script for what I’m signing for those of you who don’t know ASL:

My grandfather teach me two things:
     1. Patience
     2. Milk Best
My grandfather come to America with my family when I four years old. When I little, every morning, my grandfather pour two cups warm milk. One for me, one for my sister. We drink fast, compete who finish first.
Taiwan, natural milk expensive. When my grandfather come to America, go to food store, see many milk, he surprised and happy. He tell my parents refrigerator must always have milk. MUST ALWAYS!
I remember before my grandfather die, we fight. He doesn’t know English, I know little Chinese. I get frustrated. My grandfather patient, even though communication breakdown.
When I was little, one day, I didn’t finish my Chinese homework. My dad angry. We plan to go to park but my father tell me NO. You must finish homework first. They leave and me home alone but my grandfather decide to stay help me finish my Chinese homework, even though we can’t speak much.
Now many things different.
I try to drink milk now, but can’t. I feel sick.
I learn more Chinese. Try to communicate with parents more. But we still fight. Natural.
I try to remember what my grandfather teach me:
     1. have patience with family even if communication difficult
     2. of course, why milk is still best even if I can’t drink

I LOVE learning sign language so much. I don’t really know what exactly it is about it that makes it so fascinating. I think part of it is learning a language that is very physically “showy”. It’s almost like learning an art or learning to dance. It’s physically aesthetic.

I think another aspect of why I’m so interested is because communicating physically (vs verbally) offers a form of expression that often makes it more comfortable to say things you normally wouldn’t say aloud. Also, you get to really let your feelings visibly manifest through facial expressions, degree of motion, etc.

Some thoughts as I’m watching myself sign in this video:

1. I should really stop mouthing the words.

2. Man, I sign a lot faster than I thought. And it’s not even a “fluent” kind of fast; it’s more like a “rushed” kind of fast.

3. Are my signs too big? too exaggerated? I feel like I’m flailing my hands and arms everywhere…


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