ASL Log 4: Case Study Ideas


For Log #4, the professor gave us a different assignment:

Write a post (1-2 paragraphs) about your ideas for the case study project. Some issues to discuss:

a.    Describe the learner you want to work with (age, gender, learning context, learning background, etc.)

b.    If you have not found a learner, describe what steps you have taken/will take to find a learner.

c.    Describe what methods you plan to use to collect “evidence” on the learner. (See case study assignment sheet for information about possible methods.)

d.    Explain any questions or concerns you have about working with your learner or about doing case study research.

The person I want work with is a female SFSU undergraduate student. She is 19 years old and currently my English Tutoring Center tutee. She is taking a composition class and her teacher has referred her to the English Tutoring Center to get help with her composition assignments. So far, from the essay that I’ve helped her with, I can tell that she has many problems with grammar and verb tenses. She had taken ESL classes before, though I’m not sure if she is someone who is born in America or another country. She predominantly speaks Cantonese at home, which may be a factor in having difficulty grasping English grammar.

I plan to sit down with her and record a conversation with her, specifically focusing on talking about her past background, present goals at school, and future aspirations. I hope that in talking about the past, present, and future, I can get a recording of how she uses each tense in conversation and the level of mastery she has in each area. I also plan to ask her to use some of the essays that we’ve gone over together as writing samples that may reveal her knowledge of written (versus spoken) grammar.

One concern I have is that she may be shy during the recording and may not speak naturally. I hope that she will be able to forget the presence of the recorder and speak to me as she does in our tutoring sessions.


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