ETC: First Tutee, Anne


I had my first English Tutoring Center session today with the first of my two tutees, Anne. If I were to sum up how I felt during the one hour session, I would say that it was harder than I had imagine. And the first piece of advice I would give to any new tutors is to make the extra effort to remind students to come prepared.

Not that Anne wasn’t. She came with a rough draft of her paper and the readings that she drew her supporting examples from. I had no problem referring to the readings when I wasn’t sure what context her quotes were being used in and she had a solid grasp of the context of the readings (that was helpful because I hadn’t ever read the articles).

Yet, what made the session difficult was the lack of a written prompt issued by the professor. She said the professor had assigned the prompt verbally, telling the students to create their own prompt based on the reading, which made my job harder. I wish I had a copy of the assignment because I wasn’t sure what the full prompt entailed and whether or not Anne was on the right track.

I expect that for next week’s session, after she turns in her current essay on Tuesday, we will be starting a new essay assignment, which will hopefully allow me to work with her on one assignment from beginning to end.


One thought on “ETC: First Tutee, Anne

  1. This seems to be an increasing trend in the Composition program — to not give a written essay prompt, and rather ask the students to decide what they want to write (within reason). You’re right, Eric, that this can make the tutor’s job harder. I wonder if it might help to talk to (or email) Anne’s teacher, so that you can better understand where the instructor’s coming from when assigning readings for a unit. Let me know if you’d like the professor’s contact information.

    It sounds like you’re doing a great job. And don’t worry — it really does get easier.


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